The studio was incubated in 2000. It began as a personal quest to learn, experiment and discover better design standards. With the eventual establishment of a core team of experienced individuals, it became a private limited company in 2007.

We deliberately operate in a studio setting. This open, informal and flexible work environment allows us to: react fast and nimbly to the demanding rigours of each project: remain extremely innovative in outlook without having to conform to a corporate style; and easily maintain effective communications amongst all staff. This strategy enables us to integrate good ideas quickly into working designs, transform these designs effectively into competent technical drawings and oversee proper execution of works on site.

Our key asset is our people. We believe a good work life balance is important in keeping everyone firstly, happy, and secondly, refeshed at the start of each work day. This keeps minds and hearts innovative and motivated.

Our business model focuses on making distinctive and excellent works by accepting a limited volume of commissions. We can then have time to dream, design well and service each project. At all times, we strive for high standards of service. We humbly maintain that our professional fees charged reflects the value of this commitment.

The studio has been commissioned for projects of various natures in countries such as Algeria, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar and of course Singapore. We have also explored opportunities in Brunei, Philippines, Nigeria and Vietnam. We are international in outlook and welcome more opportunities. This has provided us with a depth of experience to work on projects of varying types and scales and, within a diverse range of cultures and environmental conditions.

We have and continue to collaborate with other disciplines and specialist when necessary, as powerful tools, to generate even higher levels of cutting edge designs. Such professionals include: Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects, Lighting Consultants, Environmental Engineers, Botanists, Zoologists, Recreation Specialists and Water Feature Specialists.

Our studio relishes commissions that complement our approach of creating Fusion Landscapes. Enquiries are welcomed. We are able to provide our clients the full spectrum of landsacpe architectural services, as follows:



           Land Development Studies   .   Topical Research

           Ideas + Experimentation



           Landscape Regional Planning   .   Land Resource Planning

           Land Suitability + Capability Studies   .   Landscape Conservation Plans



           Landscape Site Planning   .   Feasibility Studies

           Master Plans   .   Grading + Contour Plans   .   Ecological Management Plans



           Urban Design   .   Parks + Recreation   .   Infrastructure   .   Streetscapes

           Hospitality   .   Residential   .   Institutional   .   Commercial

           Hospitals   .   Entertainment Centres   .   Educational Centres



           Landscape Assessment   .   Visual Assessment   .   Landscape Management Reports

           Workshops   .   Advisory Services



Infinite Studios | greenmark gold plus

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital | greenmark platinum

Trevista Condominium | asia-pacific property awards 2011 for best residential high-rise development in singapore, greenmark gold

Martin Place Residences | greenmark gold

Clementi Woods | Landscape Industry Association of Singapore LIAS Awards of Excellence 2011 - Bronze,                          greenmark gold plus

Evolution Gardens | nomination for president's design awards 2009

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